How can I help?

First things first, we should meet up and have a chat about your project. As a head chef and restaurateur, I have worked in, started and run many a restaurant that is a successful concern to this day. As such I can be of assistance with every stage of the process: advising on location and premises, business plans and budgets, kitchen and restaurant design and fit out, branding, menus, recipes, recruitment and training, the list goes on. I will happily help you with the whole project, or simply provide assistance with specific tasks or areas where you feel you lack knowledge or experience. It is your dream project, and I want to help you in any way you need.

How much will this cost?

The truth is, that depends on what it is you need help with, and how much help you’d like, but to give you an idea, I work on a day rate of £450. I’ll happily work on an ad-hoc, hourly or daily basis, or we can look at the whole project and set an appropriate fee. One piece of early good news is that our introductory chat is, of course, completely free of charge.